Those whom God calls, He qualifies... Pastor Wells

Pastor Dickerson L. S. Wells, a native of Chicago, IL, relocated with his family to Memphis during his childhood years. Pastor Wells is a product of the Chicago Public and Shelby County School System in Memphis, TN. A former Public Schools educator in Memphis, Pastor Wells received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from LeMoyne-Owen College and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Memphis.

Pastor Wells, a fifth generation member of the Church Of God In Christ, Inc (COGIC), descended from a long line of preachers, teachers, and master communicators. The hand of the Lord was evident early in the life and ministry of this young man affectionately known as “the little boy preacher” and he showed and continues to show great promise of a future in church leadership and the arts of worship. With deep roots in the church, the young Wells learned, with intimate detail, the art and discipline of church building, administration, and ministry.

Wells’ ministerial consciousness began to truly develop as he undoubtedly noted the power of the work of the Lord’s Church, as well as the role of black male leadership in America. He witnessed firsthand how the power of God galvanized and energized people to live for God and to do His will. As a result, during his high school years, Wells coupled his standard curriculum with courses at the Charles Harrison Mason System of Bible Colleges.

While his parents were a major influence upon his life, many of the fathers of the Church Of God In Christ took particular note of the young man’s anointed preaching and the fruit of the Spirit working in his life and they too were contributors to his pastoral, evangelistic, and administrative cultivation.

Christened as a child by the late Presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford in Chicago, Illinois and tutored at the hand of his Pastor and Great Uncle the late Dr. E. E. Dickerson in Memphis, Wells was ordained at the age of eighteen at the hand of the late Presiding Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr., the youngest ever to receive ordination in the State of Tennessee. Wells’ anointed preaching, spirit of humility, and acts of servitude would open many doors for Church service including appointments in the jurisdiction as Evangelist Department President and Auxiliaries In Ministry (AIM) Chairman, Young People Willing Workers (YPWW) Department; District Superintendent, Regional Superintendent and Administrative Assistant to the Bishop. He would later be appointed to served as Coordinator of the 101st and 102nd International Holy Convocations of the Church Of God In Christ in Memphis, TN and Senior Executive Administrator Headquarters Operations working closely with COGIC’s highest office, that of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., Pastor of West Angeles Church in Los Angeles, CA.

While his first devotion is as Shepherd of the flock at Bethel both in Memphis and Munford TN, Pastor Wells has served the Church Of God In Christ, Inc., as Secretary of the National Board of Trustees, Superintendent of National Properties and National Evangelist.

Pastor Wells’ ministry moves beyond the traditional preaching and teaching of the gospel as demonstrated by his embracing ministry that meets the needs of the total man: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical. As such, he has led the charge to support many charitable organizations through volunteer efforts and financial contributions including The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, which houses patients of St. Jude Hospital and their families; Shelby Residential Vocational Services, which houses severely mentally and physically challenged persons; Project Hope, which provides housing and rehabilitative programs for women recovering from drug addiction; the Porter-Leath Children’s Center, which houses children who are wards of the state and are awaiting adoption; LeMoyne-Owen College and others. In August 2012, Pastor Wells was awarded an honorary DoctorateDr. Wells of Divinity.

He is an avid writer and reader and is published in the African American Devotional Study Bible. Though Pastor Wells continues to travel extensively ministering on a national and international scale, he continues to be a devoted husband and father. He and his wife, Valesa Johnson Wells, are blessed with two daughters ZaQuita and Chantelle, and two sons Dickerson, II and Chandler.

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